Among the most revolutionary devices in terms of telecommunications is, without a doubt, the telegraph. By allowing people in different parts of the planet to communicate in near real time for the first time, it is considered to have been a key to globalization and a precursor to the methods we use today, such as the telephone, mobile phones and the Internet.

However, to get to that point, the telegraph, which first appeared in 1774, had several versions. And they weren’t always so practical. Before Samuel Morse created his famous Morse Code in 1837, the telegraph had 26 wires, one for each letter. It was thanks to this “alphabet” that it could be reduced to a single line, which facilitated the transmission of messages xnxx.

Morse was not a scientist, but rather a painter. However, after belatedly receiving the letter announcing the death of his wife, he decided to create a telegraph that would have a national reach. With the help of Leonard Gale, a professor of science at New York University, they achieved their goal between 1832 and 1837.

Since then, Morse code, based on a system of dots and dashes to represent each letter, has been used in official communications for more than 150 years. Although it is no longer the main means of communication, it is still used in certain areas such as Boy-Scouts, radio amateurs (until 2005 it was mandatory to pass a Morse test to get a license) and instrumental aviation.

Likewise, the International Morse Preservation Society is an organization with thousands of members that is in charge of keeping this means of communication alive. If you’re curious about how to read Morse code, keep reading.



The telegraph

As we mentioned earlier, Morse code is a binary system that uses two symbols to represent each letter: the dot and the dash. For example, E is represented by a point and it is the simplest letter. However, others have up to four symbols like the Y, which is dash, point, dash, dash.

To convey a message in Morse, time is key. The point is transmitted with a minimum pulse. For its part, the line must be three times longer than a point. Likewise, spaces are key to being able to emit a readable message. Between letter and letter a time equivalent to three points must be left, while between word and word it is three lines.

Without a doubt, learning Morse code is not just anything. But there are some tricks that can help make the task easier. One of the most used in the world consists of associating a keyword with each letter or number and this will give us its equivalent in Morse. An example is the word “tree” for A. And it is used like this:

  • The initial of the keyword is the corresponding letter.
  • The number of vowels that the keyword contains indicates the number of digits in Morse code.
  • If the vowel is an O, it is replaced by a dash (—). While if it is any other vowel it is replaced by a point (·).
  • When substituting, only dots and dashes obtained up to the full length in Morse code will be taken into account.
  • Thus, the word “tree” has two vowels: a and o, which would be a point and a dash respectively. That means that the “a” in Morse code is represented by a dot and a dash.




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Poems about friendship and special relationships

I’m scared, what is happening to us? I have never loved as I have loved you. I have never felt love as I felt from you. We were so happy and so in love, why do I feel that things are changing for us? We live so far apart, yet the love we shared was so strong, and so real.

I’m scared now, sometimes it seems so differeant. We live far apart yet there was no distance between us, now for the first time I am feeling the distance. You have your life there and I have mine here, we both face each day with normal everyday stress. You have your problems and I also have mine, but a part of loving each other comes the sharing of each others fears. Don’t we share each others hopes and fears? I know I have told you all of mine, you may think it is inscurities, I say I’m just scared.

Do you wonder why I am scared? Let me tell you. We met online so long ago and feel in love. We shared moments together which meant everything to me, but it seems that you have less and less time for me. A day would not go by when I did not hear your voice each morning, now there are days xxx that go by and I do not hear from you until you email me at the end of your day.

I’m scared because there has been so many nights that I forced myself to stay awake and wait for an email from you saying that you were home. It was so wonderful how we would talk on the phone when you got home, now when we call each other at the end of the day, there is only silence on the phone. I try so hard to have a conversation with you, but so often you do not even respond to what I say. Why, can you please tell me why?

I’m scared because communication is a very important part of every relationship, it is even more important when you are involved in a long distance relationship. What has happen to our communication? I’m scared even though you say that I am your only one, you seem to push me away from you so much of the time. We need to be there forre each other during our difficult times. I’m scared because the past few weeks were my most difficult and you seemed you did not understand that or you chose to ignore it, it really scared me. I needed you more now than ever, why is te communication so poor?

To the friends we have lost in cyberspace;
Whatever the reason was for you leaving, I want you to always know that
despite the fact that I was hurt by you I pray that there will always be Angels there to protect you. Some lost friends may have suddenly disappeared without a word, leaving us wondering why, others might lie about themselves and fear you might learn the truth and they just vanish without a trace. It is sad when we turn on our screens never to hear from them again. But remember they did leave us with memories and the memories are very special.
I believe there are Angels out there watching
those we have lost to cyberspace, guiding and protecting them. I know this is true because I believe in Angels!

Some of us will never know why some choose
to go away and we are left with a void and a
broken heart. Yet, in our hearts we have learned
a little something from each one of these
lost cyber friends. Some of them might just be
wondering how we are too, and some may not
think twice about the friends they have left
behind. I believe that no matter how they choose
to be there are still Angels besides them,
guiding them, protecting them from all harm.

To all of our friends out there in
cyberspace, we may never speak again, nor
will I know what has happen to you. But I
believe in Angels, and I know that they
will always be with you too, the Angels
in cyberspace.

For those friends we have loved
and lost to the mysteries of